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Wedding Videography
Wedding Videography
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3d wedding montage slideshow

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Photo from our Canon 5D Mark II DSLR HD Film Camera - Maya Hotel in Long Beach
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So your new to weddings and need some advice from a good wedding videographer you can trust. First let us say hi! and congratulations. Los Angeles wedding Videographers is a division of Video Keepsakes, a name trusted for over 20 years.

In the old days back we had to invent what a wedding video should look like, and I have to admit it was pretty cheesy. Those of us whom were fortunate enough to have money for good gear mostly relied on selling technical jargon that was way over the head of most bride, and today most videographer web sites still have sections listing gear as a sales point.

The fact is that even though a certain level of gear is needed for a good picture, its really the creativity and skill of the videographer and/or editor that will make their video look better then another.

Storytelling has become a popular style, fusion video where high end still photography cameras are used as Hi Def Video cameras are starting to be use, but still good gear in the hands of an armature is still goofy at best.

So what seem to be the real difference between a real professional and someone that owns a camera and calls themselves a pro when they are really no better then a layman pointing a camera without knowing what they are doing, where they are going with their shots, and worse are still fumbling around with settings on their cameras while missing key shots.

Being in the right place at the right time is no accident for a true professional and its these skills of anticipating action and experience that will make or break an epic wedding film.

So what you see on the internet is a lot of video, many samples only show short pieces of the finished video, but it leaves you to question is there any more, and they answer here is yes! a lot more!

Our clients post sections of their finished video since they want their privacy and do not wish that everyone in the world watches their full video, restrictions of bandwidth and file sizes also demand that full wedding are not being posted, but you can usually get a full version video from us if you ask.

Asking questions is the key, but we have seen some very strange question on some popular and even trusted wedding web site where the questions are obviously written too long ago.

Questions of do you use a wireless mic? as being asked, yet the perfect placement of that mic is being ignored, or even what kind of mic it is. As with everything else, there is proper gear and budgeted lower-end gear which can ruin the sound if not used correctly, so at Los Angeles wedding videographers by Video Keepsakes we analyze what the proper gear should be and where the proper placements should be.

Since we work with and are Alfa/Beta Testers with many known software and hardware manufactures, it allows us to test new gear in the fied and make our professional evaluation on the product.,


More to come!


Same Day Edit

Imagine your wedding unfolding right before your eyes during your reception. Our skilled creative video editors will seamlessly edit your days events while your event is underway. Relive all the emotion, excitement, and glory of events that transpired and even you missed or were unaware of. Your guests, family and friends will be amazed as they share a VIP backstage pass preview of your fantastic movie. View a Same Day Edit here.

2D or 3D Montage Wedding Montage or slideshow

Our sildeshows are simply one of a kind, Our digital artists turn your ordinary photography pictures into something unimaginable. Are you tired off typical wedding slideshows? Try one of our delicious 3D Montages for your wedding!. View a 3D Montage here.

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